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Ranch Volunteers

Our volunteers are an important part of what makes Cristo Rey Ranch successful. You can volunteer individually or you can bring your family or small group out. From visiting the adjacent nursing home with the animals to cleaning cages, there is always a way to help out.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more specific information, please contact us.

Here you will find a few of the opportunities that take place around the ranch. :

  1. Short term cleaning and maintenance
  2. Long term projects

Volunteers are required to complete and return

Volunteers hard at work

Having fun too!


  1. Short term maintenance & Repair
    • Weeding or watering flowers
    • Cleaning
      • Goat yard
      • Feeding troughs
      • Water troughs
      • Barn
      • Bird coops
      • Rabbit cages
    • Maintenance & Repair
      • Painting cages
      • Painting buildings
      • Repairing feed troughs
      • Fence Repair
  2. Long term projects
    • Animal Care
      • Working with the horses
      • Taming rabbits and kids (baby goats) through handling
      • Horse grooming
      • Feeding rabbits
      • Working with alpacas and llamas
      • Take animals to visit the nursing home residence
    • Assist with programming
      • Educational programs
      • Petting zoo
    • Administrative
      • Community outreach
      • Grant writing
      • Fundraising

* There are many opportunities that go beyond this list.