Ranch Animals Visit Senior Facilities


Our team has moved passed “window visits”, as we are now bringing animals into the facilities. Residents are able to interact with our animals, bringing smiles upon smiles into their day.

Making a difference

We heard from one family member.

I just want to share and say THANK YOU for your visit to St Francis Home yesterday with the Cristo Rey Ranch. My Dad is a resident there and he said yesterday was the highlight of his whole stay (2 years). Having an Alpaca lick his screen was so wonderful. My dads spirits have gone down everyday since the lockdown and yesterday his voice was so full of life and I could hear his smile once again. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making my dad smile and me cry! Bless you!!!

Another family member writes:

… Thanks so much. They enjoyed the visit. They are living in extreme boredom with little mental or physical stimulation. The visit was like a breath of fresh of air …

Girl Scouts visit Russell Manor & Prairie Place

Thanksgiving visit to the Agnesian Hospice Home of Hope

Christian Home & Rehabilitation Center

St. Francis Campus and Lakeview Place

  • Dorothy Zingsheim

Villa Loretta

Villa Loretta & SSM Hospice Home of Hope

Sr. Stephen, our animals and three volunteers visited folks at the Hospice Home of Hope and the Villa Loretto. The lamb was a big hit.

Lake View Place & Woodlands

Our team was greeted by residents, staff, visitors and neighbors. Visitors were sitting or standing outside talking with loved ones on the phone — standing only a few feet from each other, separated by a window.

Notice our llama in full Irish Costume. A local 4 H group marches in the Fond du Lac St. Patrick’s Day Parade with animals from our ranch.

St Francis Campus & Christian Home

The ranch team was spotted by the staff of the Treffert Center. The unexpected side trip to visit with the kids was a big hit.

We are blessed to be a blessing.